Six Meditations from Bonhoeffer

a concert suite for men’s choir

with solo violin, cello, piano, and vibraphone

duration – 25 minutes

to request a perusal score click here

A suite of six meditations from the complete choral-theater work Bonhoeffer. These selected movements capture the essence of the theatrical version in a way that enables the music to be sung in concert by a men’s choir of any size.  

                  I.               I discovered later (original movement 1)

                  II.             Life, what have you done to me (original movement 3)

                  III.           The Beatitudes (excerpted from original movement 8)

                  IV.           Night Voices in Tegel (original movement 9)

                  V.             The Past (original movement 11)

                  VI.           Who am I? (original movement 15)