Voices in Exile – The Choral Music of Jean Berger and Hans Gál

the Chamber Choir of the Bucks County Choral Society (unpublished part songs of Hans Gál and rarely performed unaccompanied anthems of Jean Berger); distributed nationally by Classiquest, Sept. 2005.

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David Vernier on the web site Classics Today (2006):

The Chamber Choir of the Bucks County (PA) Choral Society is an excellent ensemble whose experience, technical accomplishment, and obvious adventurous spirit has resulted in this ambitious, challenging, and thoughtfully constructed program…. The choir's efforts are impressive throughout this program, and its renditions of the familiar Berger works are as good as any on disc….overall, this is a commendable production that gives choral music lovers a chance to hear some fascinating and often beautiful works from a transitional and often neglected period in American choral history.

Philip Greenfield in the January/February 2006 issue of the American Record Guide:

On balance this choir of 20 from southeastern-Pennsylvania makes a convincing case for the music.  Emotionally, they’re right on target, plumbing the spiritual depths of songs like Berger’s The Eyes of All and Gal’s To Sleep with all the intensity one could wish for.