As well for the poore as the peere! (2013) 20'
     for mixed choir, children's (SSA) choir,
     brass quintet, and hurdy-gurdy (mechanical
     violin, or alternatively 2 violins or organ)
     for perusal score with complete texts click here

As Well for the Poore as the Peere!  is a suite of English carols sharing the common theme of the rich and poor coming together to celebrate the humble origins of the Christ-child. The royal sound of the brass is contrasted with the folk-based origins of the mechanical violin (hurdy-gurdy), though also effective played on organ or by two violins.

performances: Asheville (NC) Choral Society - December 4 and 5, 2015

complete video recording of the first performance

Timothy Urban of Westminster Choir College shares the history and background of his Hungarian-made hurdy-gurdy.